Draw by Drawing Testimonials (April 2021)

For me, the Draw by Drawing sessions are a wonderful way to explore a medium, technique/style or tools I nay not have tried otherwise. It is fun, instructive, and a way to stay connected to our community of artists and creators, while we are so limited on engagement by the pandemic.  I look forward to more DBD sessions in the fall! 

-Zamira Vicenzino

As a resident on Pender Island and being isolated through the double whammy of winter weather and a pandemic, the Draw by Drawing series was a vital part of my art practice through the past several months. Being able to access a live, interactive class where the emphasis was on learning different mediums and experimenting with different subjects meant my confidence in drawing has now encouraged me into a regular daily exercise of expanding my skills as an artist.

Distance/remote learning means a larger connection to the outside world and living on a small island gives me an opportunity to take classes which are not offered where I live.

Thank you to Wendy and her team at the Vancouver Island School of Art for continuing to offer high quality instruction and interesting and engaging subject matter during a stressful time for all of us!

-Susan Purney Mark

I absolutely loved the Draw By Drawing sessions from VISA.

I have B.F.A. from Emily Carr University of Art & Design as well as an Art Ed degree from UBC. I teach Secondary Art in School District 63 & previously in SD#61.

I can say that everything about these sessions is fantastic. Firstly, from another educator’s perspective, Wendy is an excellent instructor.

She is the reason I am continuing on with Drawing Explorations. With all of the training and teaching of my own that I have done, she has a gift for teaching.

Her unique ideas and her in depth knowledge of all things art, are something to aspire to. She creates extremely inventive creative explorations where I was pleasantly surprised to learn new things from!!! Her critiques/comments on student work are careful, observant and helpful. She has such a lovely way about her. I look forward to what surprises are in store each Monday night.

Her teaching is based on extensive art knowledge and her own unique creativity. She goes back to the basics in art and focuses on the Process over the Product.

I recommend these sessions from beginners to intermediate artists. No one will be bored and everything is accessible.

This drop-in program has re-ignited my love of drawing/exploring while I continue to develop my own voice as an artist.

-Monique Froehler

I have taken numerous Draw by Drawing sessions. Wendy Welch has done and excellent job with presentation and organization. She is professional, knowledgeable and encouraging. The classes have been very helpful to me during the pandemic. And due to the COVID blues, I haven’t been motivated to do art…unless I have the class to focus on

-Barb Landell

I only took one of Wendy’s Draw by Drawing sessions and was unable to continue because of other projects, but I found the experience very stimulating. I really enjoyed it and hope to be able to take another one soon.

-Amy Robertson

I participated in the Draw by Drawing weekly sessions during the winter and spring of 2021.  Because of COVID-19, all sessions were accessed live online, which was perfect because I live in Ontario. My sister and I from Ontario were able to join classes that my sister-in-law (in Victoria) was participating in and we were able to share our experiences afterwards.  This was a great way to connect with each other while exploring art techniques, even though we live thousands of kilometers apart. 

This was an exceptional course and a great value for $10.00 per session.  It makes learning art accessible and the drop-in format was very welcoming.  

I looked forward to the weekly sessions as they provided a unique learning experience to help artists develop a variety of skills including working with a variety of mediums and moving from realism to abstract work.

Wendy has been an exceptional instructor.  She offered guidance, demonstration and feedback to participants. What a positive experience and very encouraging of everyone’s artistic potential. I have learned more from her sessions than I have in other in-person art classes.  I can imagine how much more learning could occur when the in-person sessions are allowed once the pandemic is over.

I am really looking forward to future Draw by Drawing sessions. Hopefully an on-line possibility will continue to be offered, although I understand how that may be difficult if in-person sessions are allowed.

– Trudy Counter

I really enjoyed Draw by Drawing. It was a great opportunity to be part of a group activity during the pandemic. The themes were interesting, made even more so by the examples that Wendy presented and her straightforward demonstrations. Wendy’s relaxed and supportive approach put everyone at ease. It was fun to see how each attendee created something in their own style, even those without prior experience.

-June Higgins

I was very pleased to have participated in several of the weekly Draw by Drawing classes this Winter/Spring.  The classes were JUST what I needed, an affordable, low pressure way to connect with art and artists in my own home.  We dabbled and oh we did have fun !!!!

-Sue Skidmore

When I decided to do the Draw by Drawing classes it was because I wanted to do more drawing and improve my drawing.  However, once I started to do the classes I found them to be so much more than drawing.  I loved the creative ideas that were used in each class, the use of the different materials and the varied approaches to drawing. The classes were fun and challenging, I looked forward to them each week.

-Cathy Chamberlin

The Draw by Draw sessions I attended this past winter lifted me out of the pandemic morass and allowed me to exercise the creative part of my brain in a supportive and instructive way.

Thanks so much Wendy for lifting our spirits!

-Susan Tychie

I started attending Draw by Drawing in February 2021.  Initially it was just drop-in online sessions every week, but it was so enjoyable and I learned so much that I registered for the balance of the sessions.

Each session was unique.  The facilitator provided a topic for each week’s project and we worked together.  Using collage, water color, conté, charcoal, and graphite, our drawing skills developed in areas such as nine-scale tones, negative space and ways of creating a work with just materials that we see around us. 

I looked forward to every session, and I delight in looking back at the work we did, which can be found on the gallery page of the Draw by Drawing.

The marvellous thing was that these sessions helped me to open up my thinking about how to make art.  I hope to continue with Draw by Drawing.

-Noreen Lerch

My participation in Draw by Drawing put me in touch with a creative group, in a safe way, and by encouraging artistic opportunities gave me ideas for personal play. That will continue between the zoom sessions. And it was fun!

Thanks VISA and Wendy.

-Linda Newton

I really appreciated the Draw by Drawing. I’m a working mom of two young kids and art really helps me balance out the stress in my life. I was only able to participate a couple of times but loved the Draw by Drawing program. It was so great to be able to take a couple of hours in the evening after my kids were in bed to experiment with different materials and new ways of making art in such a welcoming environment. I’ve taken several courses at VISA as well and I am always so grateful for the amazing quality of the programs.

-Erica Mattson

I attended one Draw by Drawing session and loved it!  Had I known about these earlier I would have attended many more (which was my fault for not staying on top of things!). I really liked the online platform.  Wendy was very organized in her teaching and demonstration which made it extremely easy to learn and resulted in a very relaxed “no pressure” experience.  I recognize and appreciate the hard work that went into making it all look so smooth.  I will be back for sure when more sessions are offered.

-Valerie Houghton

Drawing every day is THE way to improve ones’ drawing technique and range of expression. Just ask Matisse! He relentlessly practiced everyday, frequently during rambles with a friend. Companionship is always helpful inspiration and fortitude in this practice.

The Draw by Drawing drop-ins are an opportunity to commit to drawing on a regular basis and thus improve an artist’s practice. This was my experience.

I hope they are able to continue.

-Charles Joerin

The Draw by Drawing class is fun and relaxing. My imagination is sparked by a new theme each week and guided by our knowledgeable instructor and a playful approach I found the class most enjoyable!

-Mary Frewer

As a working mother and teacher I found Draw by Drawing to have a wonderfully positive impact on my personal and professional lives. The quality and simplicity of the weekly projects make them accessible and deeply rewarding. The weekly sessions contributed significantly to my well being, my parenting, and my teaching. The unique multi-generational makeup of the group is enriching, and honing the focus on nature and making it available and visible in local parks can only do good for our community and anyone who comes in contact with the program!

-Jessica Ziakin Cook

My name is Julie Jarco, and I live on Mayne Island, BC. I love living here, but it means that visiting our closest city, Victoria, is a 50+ minute ferry ride each way. So taking an art course is there is more involved for me than for people living in and around the city.

That said, I have taken a few 3-hour workshops with Wendy Welch at VISA in years past and have thoroughly enjoyed them. When I learned about VISA’s weekly ‘Draw by Drawing’ online drop-in class from an island friend, I was intrigued and we both decided to try it out. Since that first class I was hooked and I’ve participated in every class I could. 

Wendy has obviously put a lot of time and effort into these classes. Each one is fun, interesting, and introduces me to new ideas using a variety of media and subjects. The upcoming class is briefly described a week ahead and a materials list provided, so there is ample time to prepare…and wonder what’s coming up!

The ZOOM format works very well for me; I feel like I’m part of the class and can interact with Wendy or the other classmates if I wish. Also, since Wendy records the class, if I have to miss one I can do it on my own using the recording. It’s perfect!

And finally, the class is affordable for me. The $10/class fee makes it possible for me to participate weekly, and that has truly opened up my access to exploring art through VISA classes. I love these classes; they have enriched my life immensely and I look forward to the new session this fall.

-Julie Jarco