Draw by Drawing Monday Jan 18 6:30-8pm & Wednesday Jan 20, 10-11:30am

Please note next week’s Draw by Drawing info will be posted Wednesday at noon.

The next session of Draw by Drawing will involve quick watercolour brush drawings of seaweed images (provided by facilitator) and then using these sketches as a source to create an invented composition using pencil and watercolours.

A note about Draw by Drawing
These online drop-in sessions involve drawing in a group with a facilitator who provides a drawing prompt or project each week. The idea with these sessions is that you learn to draw, by drawing. While the facilitator will give basic information about how to approach the project and use of the materials involved, these are not how-to-draw classes. There is not always time for individual feedback and one-on-one guidance in these 90 minute sessions, but we will do our best to accommodate
people with questions.

Materials needed: set of watercolours (pans or travel sets, they don’t have to be expensive quality), #10 watercolour brush, pad of watercolour paper (140 lb), jar of water

These online sessions are done via Zoom so please download Zoom and log in 5-10 minutes before start time of session.

Worried about not getting to the art supply store to get the supplies you need for Draw by Drawing?

To have all the supplies you need for every Draw by Drawing session, consider purchasing a
Draw by Drawing Supply Kit from the office at the Vancouver Island School of Art.
Please note: if you purchased a Draw by Drawing Supply Kit prior to 2021, you can go to the office at VISA and pick up a complimentary watercolour paint set, watercolour brush and watercolour pad. The 2021 kits have these supplies included for an increased cost.

To register for this session: Payment

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