Draw by Drawing, Oct 6, 10-11:30am

We are pleased to announce the return of regular weekly sessions of Draw by Drawing on Wednesday mornings. The sessions will be held on a weekly basis until December 8. And then they will continue again in January. There will be a one or two Monday evening “pop-up” sessions in October and November as well for those who can’t make the Wednesday morning ones. More info about those will be on this site or our Draw by Drawing Facebook page.

This week’s focus in on drawing feathers with ink. Exercises will include drawing feathers from observation and creating fantastical imaginary ones with ink patterns.

Materials: black ink, drawing nib and drawing nib holder (if you don’t have this you can use any kind of black pen); sketchbook or loose paper and a couple of feathers (images of feather will be provided via screen sharing if you don’t have any).

To register for this session go to Payment

Please note that all materials needed for Draw by Drawing can be found in our Draw by Drawing kits. These kits contain enough supplies for 25+ Draw by Drawing sessions: Draw by Drawing Kit.

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